R.D. Villalba - Karate Coreano Tang Soo Do

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Grand Master Roberto Daniel Villalba, founder of Tang Su Do Hak Won was born in Buenos Aires in 1950 and died on 04 February 2021 in Rome (Italy).

In November 1977 he arrived in Italy to introduce the Tang Soo Do Muduk Kwan. In 1978 he received from Korea the certification of official representative of the Muduk Kwan in Italy, signed by Hwang Kee

In 1984 he obtained the 5th Dan
 (National Master / Instructor)
 from G. Maestro Jae Joon Kim.

In 1988 the G.M ° Kim awarded him the 6th Dan (International Master / Instructor) and the position of D.T. European for his organization (American MDK TSD Assn.).

In 1994 he reached the 7th Dan, the highest technical category level.

Master Pietro Naccarato
with al G°M°Roberto Daniel Villalba

G°M°Roberto Daniel Villalba

R. D. Villalba,
G° M° Hwang Kee, M° Hyun Chul Hwang
Ente di Promozione Sportiva riconosciuto dal CONI
SSD Borussia-
via di Grotte Celoni, 85,
00133 Roma RM
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