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In any place, at any time you can practice yourself
in Martial Arts ...

Black Belt

We could talk, discuss many hours
about this topic, because it deserves
the right attention.

Being a black belt (Dan) is something
that goes beyond,and is very difficult
to explain in words.

A parallel dimension for
the everyday life.
It s a unique emotion in the soul of the
individual subject.
A goal to be achieved if mind, body,
spirit and heart are perfectly
aligned with one's pure and
sincere will!

I'm aware? Am I aware of the relevance
of the degree?
If you do not ask yourself these 
questions it will be difficult 
to find the right way (Do).

The Dan is the example for the school,
the one who animates the motivation
in the lower grades through his practice,
 dedication and willingness
to support his peers.
Work that is cultivated over the years
through perseverance.
If your will leads to this you will find
real Black Belts ready
to accompany you in your intent.

Master Pietro Naccarato
Black Belt Crew
SSD Borussia-
via di Grotte Celoni, 85,
00133 Roma RM
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