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In any place, at any time you can practice yourself
in Martial Arts ...
Qi Gong
Qi Gong intends to teach
a set of techniques for the
development of inner energy
by controlling breathing.
Qigong is a health practice
that allows us to intervene
on the meridians and points
to strengthen the energies
of Qi and Blood, to develop
the ability to direct the Qi
in our body and to perceive
its effects.
Qigong is a healthy practice
useful for combating diseases,
managing and overcoming stress
in our daily life:
it gives longevity,generates
an increase in energy
in the body and puts
the practitioner in a
position to learn to direct
and calm the mind.
Anyone can learn Qigong
which is a comprehensive
approach to health.
SSD Borussia-
via di Grotte Celoni, 85,
00133 Roma RM
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