Capo scuola Pietro Naccarato - Karate Coreano Tang Soo Do

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The Master was born in Rome on October 13 1987,
graduated in 2007 in the tourism sector and
obtained studies as a holistic masseur
at the e-Campus Tor Vergata University of Rome.
He began practicing martial arts in May 1992
under the guidance of the Grand Master
In 1998 he obtained the 1st Dan black belt.
In 2001 he was promoted to 2nd Dan.
In 2006 he reached the grade of 3rd Dan
and instructor qualification.
February 2007 is the beginning of his career
as an Official Instructor.
In 2013 he obtained the grade of 4th Dan with
the qualification of Master in front of G° M° Villalba.
In 2019 he was awarded the degree of V Dan
Expert in the use of sidearms and the practice of Qi Gong.
SSD Borussia-
via di Grotte Celoni, 85,
00133 Roma RM
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